Recap/Review: Breaking Bad 5×12: “Rabid Dog”

This week was awesome, but not as explosive as last week. That being said, that doesn’t necessarily mean that nothing happened. So let’s jump right into the episode, titled “Rabid Dog.”

We are shown that Walt is sitting in his car across from his house. He sees Saul’s car parked askew in his driveway, and fears the worst. So he enters his house from the backyard, gun drawn, prepared to draw blood. Searching the house, it turns out that Jesse isn’t even in the house. Walt searches the car outside and finds an unknown CD on the dashboard. This isn’t explained just yet, but it’s bound to be a plot element at some point in the near future.

Disposing of the gallon of gasoline in the most efficient manner possible, Walt throws it in his trash can. Then, he has a second thought, and throws it in the neighbor’s trash can. THEN, he takes it out again and pours a little on his car seat to help with the excuse he gives to Skyler later on in the episode. Cue opening credit sequence.

(Photo: Breaking Bad Wikia)

(Photo: Breaking Bad Wikia)

Walt gets a carpet cleaning service to clean up Jesse’s mess, while giving Huell the request to check on Walter Jr. at the high school, to make sure Jesse wasn’t specifically after his son. Unfortunately, the gasoline situation can’t be completely cleaned up without ripping up the flooring in the White household, so Walt instead uses the excuse that he “accidentally” spilled gasoline all over himself because of a “faulty gas pump,” and while cleaning up, he didn’t realize that his gasoline soaked clothes were on the floor. So he proposes that the White family take a little family vacation to a hotel. As usual, Skyler isn’t buying it though, and confronts him at the hotel. But we’ll get there in a bit.

We are shown what happened to Jesse, who was convinced to refrain from burning the White house down by none other than Hank Schrader, who tells him that if Jesse wants to burn Walt down, that they should do it together. So Jesse agrees to work with Hank, but not before sleeping off his agony in the Schrader household, much to the dismay of Marie Schrader, who we are shown is going to therapy, or what looks like therapy, thanks to recent events.

At the hotel, Walt has a “conference” with Saul Goodman and Kuby, the former of which gives another helpful euphemism, to treat Jesse like Old Yeller (by which he means to ‘put down’ the ‘rabid dog,’ or, Jesse). Walt demands that Saul not entertain the thought of him killing Jesse again.  It is then that, when Walt gets back to the room, Skyler confronts Walt about what really happened to their house. Walt tells her that Jesse tried to burn it down, but that he “changed his mind,” as if that changes anything. After a lengthy discussion, Skyler alludes to the thought of killing Jesse, justifying it by saying that, they’ve come this far, what’s one more?

When Jesse wakes up, Hank and Gomie are waiting for him, so they can record his account of what happened. This is the first time that Gomie is hearing about Walt being a drug kingpin, but they didn’t really focus on that too much. After Jesse finishes up, Hank and Gomie formulate a plan based on Walt’s message to Jesse’s phone, which said that he would be waiting at a nearby plaza to try and explain his actions to Jesse. Hank suggests that they send Jesse in there with a wire, and practically tells Gomie (when Jesse is in the restroom) that if worst comes to worst and Walt kills Jesse, they’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

At the plaza, Walt shows up as expected. But so does Jesse, Hank, and Gomie. Hank sends Jesse out to meet Walt, but halfway there, Jesse catches a glimpse of another large, bald man a short distance from Walt. From what it seems, he might have been thinking that Walt intended on using our tall, bald, friend to kill Jesse, so he turns back and heads for a payphone. Jesse calls Walt and tells him that he’s not going to fool him that easily, and that he’s going to hit him where he lives. We are shown Walt walking away, and that our tall friend in fact doesn’t know Walt, and that he’s just an ordinary civilian that Jesse demonized into working with Walt.

After laying into Jesse for going against the plan, Hank hears Jesse out when he tells him that he knows a better way to get Walt. We are not told what this plan is, however, Walt gets in his car and calls up an old friend in Todd, and tells him that he may have another job for his uncle (remember, Todd’s uncle orchestrated the mass prison killings in season 5A). End of episode.

The story is slowly escalating now, that much is clear. We are seeing the character’s relationships brake apart slowly but surely, and we are seeing some different sides to some of them. The seemingly unbreakable bond between Walt and Jesse since the beginning of the series seems to finally be breaking for good, while Hank is reaching out to who was his worst enemy in Jesse, in a desperate attempt to catch Walt and punish him for what he’s done.

We’ve got four episodes remaining, and they’re going to be an explosive four episodes, or as Saul Goodman would say, “Nuclear.” Be sure to stay tuned to Pixcelation Entertainment for our weekly “Breaking Bad” recap/reviews! See ya next week!



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