“Skullgirls” to be Delisted from PSN and XBLA by the End of December, What this Means for the DLC

(Photo: Skullgirls.com)

(Photo: Skullgirls.com)

Unfortunate news from the Internet: “Skullgirls,” a fan-favorite versus fighting game from Lab Zero Games will be de-listed from the PlayStation Network and the Xbox Live Arcade by the end of December. This shouldn’t cause any problems for people who already have it downloaded to their hard drives, but according to a Skullgirls.com post by administrator “Vadsamoht,” this instance has never happened before, the transition cannot be approached with foresight.

“Following Lab Zero ceasing relations with Konami, Konami has asked for Skullgirls to be de-listed from PSN and XBLA on the 17th and 31st of this month, respectively. Mike is working really hard to get a build through QA to be published by Autumn Games (PS3 EU PS3 NA)/Marvelous AQL (360)/CyberFront (PS3-Japan), but details are sketchy,” says Vadsamoht. “One of the reasons a new build is necessary is that if SG keeps using the same Communications ID for the game, Konami would be able to shut the game down whenever it wants.”

This news is backed up by “Skullgirls” Design Director Mike Zaimont in the Skullgirls Weekly Stream Channel. According to Joystiq:

“During the broadcast, Zaimont explained that Konami submitted the request to Sony without telling Autumn Games, leaving Sony to deliver the bad news. Zaimont explained that if the team finishes the new, self-published build of Skullgirls before Sony’s QA team goes home for the winter break, Squigly and the improvements from the PC update’s beta will be available “pretty immediately soon.” If the deadline is not made, then Skullgirls will be removed from every regional PSN store other than Japan’s, since that version was not published by Konami. Zaimont’s requests to push back Konami’s delisting date for the PSN until December 31 have been unsuccessful.

We’ll see with time what the future of “Skullgirls” holds. Lab Zero Games recently held an indiegogo campaign for “Skullgirls” which raised nearly $900,000 for new content including characters and stories. For more information on the title, check out the Skull Heart forum or the official website. Stick with Pixcelation for more information on the impending issue, and leave your opinions in the comments below.


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