State of the Pixcelation Address (#002)


It’s almost 2014, and we’re preparing a bunch of new stuff to roll out for you, our wonderful, wonderful audience. This post is really to explain some of the changes that you’ll notice in the coming months, and to keep you involved in the creative process. We hope you like what is coming, because we sure do.

First up on the agenda is a site redesign. We’ve been using the service ever since our foundation in April 2013, and we’ve finally managed to secure professional hosting with DreamHost. Starting this upcoming Tuesday (though it may not happen right away depending on circumstances), we’ll be rolling out the NEW and IMPROVED Pixcelation Entertainment Official Site.

I’m a fan of social interaction. After all, most of our success, if not all of it, is attributed to the time and energy you put into reading our work. We appreciate it very much. That is why we hope to create a forum soon, where fans of Pixcelation and Entertainment alike can discuss the latest happenings, and just have an overall sense of community while visiting our site. This forum is T.B.A. at this point, but we’ll be sure to let everyone know if and when it becomes a possibility in the future.

Another cool thing we’re set on doing once we figure out how to implement it is thus: We aim to incorporate Sports into our repertoire. Granted, you’ll still see the best of electronic entertainment news, reviews, and such here, but you’ll also see the latest in Sports reporting from the members of our staff who would like to do so. So keep an eye out for that!

Until then, we’re still recruiting new writers, content creators, and the like. If you are interested in joining the Pixcelation team, you can do so by filling out a short application. Do you have a Facebook page? Of course you do. ‘Like’ us on Facebook, where we’ve currently amassed 455 ‘Likes.’ Is Twitter your thing? Follow us @Pixcelation, where we’ve attained 47 followers. We also have a Tumblr, and that’s pretty cool too.

Oh, and since we ARE working pretty hard for free, if you would like to donate to our projects and help us get shiny new things for the website, you can Donate Here.

That’s all I have for now. Until next time, just stick with Pixcelation Entertainment as it gets through the end of this year and the beginning of the year to come.


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