Here at Pixcelation Entertainment, we’re devoted to delivering you the latest entertainment news as it is made available. However, as you may or may not know, we’re doing this entirely out of the good of our hearts, for a salary of approximately $0.00 at the current rate. If you enjoy the work that we do here, we ask that you contribute something, anything, to help us out.

Funds will go to providing our writers and content producers with compensation for their hard work, as well as helping Pixcelation Entertainment move up in the entertainment reporting world in ways such as: 1.) Getting us our own hosting server, 2.) allowing us to obtain the equipment needed to perform efficiently, and 3.) allowing us to continue our task of providing you with the latest entertainment news, reviews, and previews.

We hope that you enjoy our work, and we encourage you to donate if you can. Even if you can only donate $1, we highly appreciate it. Thank you.


Donate Button with Credit Cards


2 thoughts on “Donate!

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