Film reviews

Here’s a list of films reviewed so far here at Pixcelation. The films are listed alphabetically with their reviewer and rating next to them. Some films may have multiple reviews, this likely means that multiple reviewers looked at the same film in order to gain different insights into the films.

Title of Show Reviewer Score Contact
42 Daniel Pope 7.5/10 @DannnyPope
ABC’s of Death Andrew Korkmas 5/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
After Earth Andrew Korkmas 1/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
A Haunted House Andrew Korkmas 0/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Bleach: Hell Verse James Herd 8/10 @Pixcelation
Cloud Atlas Joshua Madden 10/10 @MaddenJoshua
The Conjuring Andrew Korkmas 2/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Dark Skies James Herd 8.5/10 @Pixcelation
The Expendables 2 Andrew Korkmas 9.5/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Fast and Furious 6 Andrew Korkmas 9/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Flight Joshua Madden 7.5/10 @MaddenJoshua
From Up on Poppy Hill Joshua Madden 8.5/10 @MaddenJoshua
G.I. Joe: Retaliation Joshua Madden 4/10 @MaddenJoshua
A Good Day to Die Hard Joshua Madden 3/10 @MaddenJoshua
The Great Gatsby Daniel Pope 5/10 @DannnyPope
The Great Gatsby (Alternative Review) James Herd 9/10 @Pixcelation
The Heat Nick Behrens 6/10 @Pixcelation (request Nick)
House at the End of the Street James Herd 7/10 @Pixcelation
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Andrew Korkmas 5/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Iron Man 3 Daniel Pope 5/10 @DannnyPope
Iron Man 3 (Alternate Review) Joshua Madden 7.5/10 @MaddenJoshua
Kick-Ass 2 Andrew Korkmas 8/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Life of Pi Jordan Hadley 9/10 @JIMSkyKai
The Lone Ranger Andrew Korkmas 7/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Looper Andrew Korkmas 3/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Making of a Serial Killer Collins Adams 8/10 @Pixcelation (request Collins)
The Man with the Iron Fists Joshua Madden 8.5/10 @MaddenJoshua
Man of Steel James Herd 7/10 @Pixcelation
Man of Steel (Alternate Review) Andrew Korkmas 3/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Now You See Me Andrew Korkmas 9/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Now You See Me (Alternate Review) Nick Behrens 6/10 @Pixcelation (request Nick)
Oblivion Andrew Korkmas 9/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Only God Forgives Joshua Madden 5/10 @MaddenJoshua
Pacific Rim Andrew Korkmas 9.5/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Paranormal Activity 4 Andrew Korkmas 2/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Parker Andrew Korkmas 3/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Andrew Korkmas 7/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
The Place Beyond the Pines Daniel Pope 8.5/10 @DannnyPope
Prometheus Joshua Madden 0/10 @MaddenJoshua
The Purge Andrew Korkmas 5/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
The Purge (Alternate Review) Collins Adams 7/10 @Pixcelation (request Collins)
Riddick Andrew Korkmas 1/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
R.I.P.D. Andrew Korkmas 2/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Safety Not Guaranteed Joshua Madden 6.5/10 @MaddenJoshua
Sharknado Andrew Korkmas 0/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Side Effects James Herd 8/10 @Pixcelation
Silver Linings Playbook Joshua Madden 9.5/10 @MaddenJoshua
Sinister Kelly Kling 10/10 Currently Unknown
Silent Hill: Revelation Andrew Korkmas 9.5/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
The Slender Man James Herd 8.5/10 @Pixcelation
Star Trek Into Darkness Joshua Madden 9.5/10 @MaddenJoshua
Super-Shark Jason Norris 2/10 @Pixcelation (request Jason)
This is 40 Joshua Madden 3.5/10 @MaddenJoshua
This is the End Nick Behrens 8/10 @Pixcelation (request Nick)
Trance Joshua Madden 7/10 @MaddenJoshua
Trance (Alternate Review) Andrew Korkmas 3/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
V/H/S/2 Andrew Korkmas 7/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
The Wolverine Andrew Korkmas 5/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
World War Z James Herd 6/10 @Pixcelation
World War Z (Alternate Review) Andrew Korkmas 7.5/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)
Young Adult Daniel Pope 8/10 @DannnyPope
You’re Next Andrew Korkmas 2/10 @Pixcelation (request Andrew)

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