TV reviews

This page will be used to archive the reviews that we write for television shows, syndicated or not. Film reviews do not go here, they belong on the film review page. If you would like to request a specific writer to review something, please use the contact form on the “Get Pixcelated” page.

Title of Show Reviewer Score Contact
Continuum Collins Adams 7/10 @Pixcelation(request Collins)
The Following Collins Adams 8/10 @Pixcelation(request Collins)
Future Diary James Herd 10/10 @Pixcelation
Hemlock Grove Collins Adams 1/10 @Pixcelation(request Collins)
Soul Eater James Herd 9.5/10 @Pixcelation
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann James Herd 10/10 @Pixcelation

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