Who we are!

Editorial Board:

Photo Name Position Bio Contact
_DSC0018 James Herd
Editor-in-chief James Herd began writing at an early age, one that he honestly can’t remember. All he knows is that it’s something he wants to do for the rest of his life. He has thus served as a reporter for the Baylor University Lariat, and he has served as the Editor-in-Chief of Nova Scriptorum and currently Pixcelation Entertainment. He is in the process of writing a chronology of novels entitled “The Intermine Legacy.” You can follow him @pixcelation. @pixcelation

Writers and Staff:

Photo Name Position Bio Contact
253336_144509182350426_736917301_n[1] Collins Adams Staff Writer Collins Adams is a creative writing major at the University of Houston. For years, Adams has loved reading. He was twelve when he decided he wanted to be a fiction writer. He is a little odd and has an opinion on everything. Adams met James Herd in high school. After high school, Herd sent him an invitation to join Pixcelation. He has several series he plans to write, but until he finishes, he is happy to write for Pixcelation. @pixcelation, request Collins Adams

523008_10150888323331092_1724468921_n Bannister Chaava Staff Writer Bannister Chaava is a musician and writer from Alexandria, Virginia. He writes random pieces for his own blog entitled Bannie’s Blog, but recently took the opportunity to join James and the crew here at Pixcelation. A big otaku, and sucker for fantasy adventure stories and highly imaginative, fantastic, works. He is currently working on executing some of his own written ideas on his blog, while working on various music projects on his bandcamp site.You can follow him on the tweeters (@bboypui), find his music at bannisterchaava.bandcamp.com and read his writing outside Pixcelation at banniesblog.tumblr.com. @bboypui
406217_4075024605399_994172893_n Andrew Korkmas Staff Writer A hopeful scriptwriter for movies and video games. Andrew Korkmas has been a gamer for as long as he can remember,  though it wasn’t until his sophomore year at Baylor that he started to gain an immense appreciation for the cinema. It was also around that same time when he began to develop an interest in film theory and critiquing of movies and video games. The best way to contact Andrew is through his email: AndrewKorkmas@yahoo.com. AndrewKorkmas
534213_4152496128057_1414972432_n Jason Norris Staff Writer Jason Norris is a young artist thrilled by writing ever since a very young age.  He always had a passion for gaming and very clear opinions about everything. Even though he specializes in comedy writing, Jason still enjoys writing his occasional opinion manuscript. He is currently working on a couple comedic series as well as being the editor-in-chef at the upcoming gaming website called Clanster. When Mr. Herd offered him to write for Pixcelation, he just couldn’t miss the boat. @pixcelation, request Jason Norris
 21266_10200662743003730_1827650953_n Nicholas Shirley Photographer Nicholas Shirley is a Marketing Major at Baylor University. He was introduced into the world of photography by his dad, when he received his first DSLR, a Nikon D3200. Nicholas is constantly trying out new types of photography from super macro to multiplicity shots. When his friend James asked if he wanted to come shoot for Pixcelation, Nicholas jumped on the opportunity. You can find some of Nicholas’ work here: http://forfrysning.deviantart.com/ @Pixcelation, request Nicholas Shirley
 1241640_1396682567227407_512561322_n Alvaro Silva Music Writer Alvaro Silva is a junior in high school. He has had love for music ever since he was 4 years old, where he found a Nirvana album lying around the house and he fell in love with music. Growing up as a kid in Canada, he mainly listened to rap and metal music, he also started writing poetry and songs at 7 years old. At 12 years old, he started getting bigger into metal music where he taught himself to do metal vocals and play guitar. Then at 15, he got back into hip hop and started writing poetry again. Now present day at 18 years old, he’s teaching himself how to make rap instrumentals and writing raps, poetry, and album reviews. He’s also a big fan of Homestuck, video games, cartoons, and anime. @Pixcelation, request Alvaro Silva
 1231532_10201930253840667_1729275145_n Thomas Barrett Staff Writer Thomas Barrett is a junior Journalism Major at Auburn University. He also is the Program Director at the student run radio station WEGL 91.1 where he is also a sports broadcaster and producer. @Pixcelation, request Thomas Barrett
_DSC0017 Logan Robins Software
Logan Robins is attending college at Baylor University and going into the Computer Science field to create games. He likes anime, video games, and hanging out with friends. @Pixcelation, request Logan Robins
396512_352478651451699_1216178358_n Zacarias Nason
Staff Writer Zacarias Nason is a Physics & Electrical Engineering double major at Old Dominion University. He enjoys writing on depictions of science in popular culture and cross-disciplinary presentations of mathematics and science through the humanities. The best way to get hold of Zack is at znaso001@odu.edu. Email znaso001@odu.edu



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